February 15, 2016


          General Services

  • We intend to provide you with the best NP 3possible solutions to day-to-day operations, to maximize the value of your investment and comfort in your home. As a property management company, we understand the importance of that.
  • We attend Council meetings and General meetings.
  • Prepare and distribute minutes, notices, memorandums and other documents
  • Respond to correspondence
  • Keep and permit access to strata corporation records
  • Prepare and issue regulatory forms
  • Conduct frequent property inspections
  • Provide 24-hour answering service and response to emergencies
  • Implement yearly and long-term maintenance improvement plans
  • Arrange services and enter into contracts on behalf of our clients
  • Hire and supervise employees
  • Maintain adequate insurance and appraisals
  • Institute legal proceedings
  • Enforce Strata Bylaws

          Financial Services

  • Open and maintain trust accounts for our clients
  • Provide monthly accounting for all trust accountsnp-51
  • Annual operating budgets, schedules of strata fees and special assessments
  • Financial reports via mail and in electronic format: balance sheets, income statements, bank statements, bank reconciliation,
    general ledger, account receivable
  • Collect and maintenance fees and special assessments, deposit funds to trust accounts
  • Pre-authorized bank debit and post-dated cheques
  • Monthly account statements for strata owners
  • Review invoices, pay accounts, make disbursements
  • Payroll accounting, tax forms, WCB
  • External audit of trust accounts
  • Accounting service for self-managed strata corporations       

          Special Services

  • We dedicate our time to project management of renovation and improvement projects.
  • As an asset to our services, we organize on-site building reviews by professional, local, and reliable engineering firms. It is through these reviews that we strive to  avoid mega projects. The frequency of these reviews depends on building conditions and the Owners’ needs. Majority of the time, we bear the cost of the reviews.
  • We provide secure Internet access to strata corporation documents, including financial reports and individual statements, compliant with the Personal Information Protection Act.
  • We share the income from Conveyance Forms, and other documents and services.
  • Our service all-inclusive, ensure no hidden fees and surprise costs.

    We know it is important for Owners to be able to rely and comfortably depend on things getting done.